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Bag of Maria's Superior Acacia Blend Coffee

Acacia Blend


Acacia Blend


Hand Roasted in Small Batches for Freshness and Flavour.


Chocolatey with the sweetness of golden syrup and baked apples, a hint of berry and a juicy mouthfeel.


The beautiful and fragrant Acacia (or Sweet Thorn) is perfectly adapted to the Karoo and can survive without shade or protection from grass fires. It needs only 25ml of rain for its glorious golden yellow, puffball flowers to burst into bloom, attracting insects which feed the birds that nest among the branches.


A most useful tree, the gum that oozes from the bark is a wildlife delicacy and a favourite of bushbabies and monkeys. Historically, the sap has been used in the production of confectionaries, and the white thorns as sewing needles.



Available in 250g and 1kg packs

250g - R99.00

1kg     - R350.00

  • Main Flavour Notes


    Golden Syrup

    Baked Apples

  • Process

    Mixed House Blend

  • Strength


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